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We have many years of experience in import and domestic distribution of cardiovascular medical devices industry



Endotech, founded in 1995, based in Como, Italy, is an Italian leading company in the field of medical devices and medical equipment.

Endotech is recognized as a market leader in the distribution of highly innovative technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The story of Endotech is marked by the affirmation in Italy of products that have become then the gold standard for the treatment and cure of cardiovascular diseases.

Endotech is the ideal Partner for the distribution of medical devices and medical devices for the Italian market. Endotech makes use of a commercial structure, technical and sales support professional, knowledgeable, and with a presence throughout the national territory.

Endotech wants to offer the best solution to healthcare clinic in order to improve the patient’s quality of life, offering the most innovative medical technologies, from international companies and startups.

Endotech has a highly professional team able to collaborate closely with international companies and start-up and guarantee an excellent clinical support.


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